008 – Top Ten Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Own Your Journey Podcast Art-minIn this episode of Own Your Journey, I give you my best tips on living your happiest, healthiest life.  At the end of this podcast, I want to know which tip or tips your going to implement into your life right away!  Or, if you’re already doing all ten, I want to hear from you too!  Which one works best for you to keep you on track to reaching your goals and living your best life?
Tip #1 – Keep a Journal.  Keeping a journal can be the most important thing in your journey, because it gives you an outlet to capture all of the things that you’re experiencing.  From emotions, to progress, to affirmations, and food – you can keep track of all of it as you progress.
Tip #2 – Set Goals.  Goal setting is super important because it gives you something to work towards and gives you that sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Make your goals SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).  Set one long-term goal and a few short-term goals, and break them down into weekly or daily behaviors that will help get you there.  Keep track of them in your journal.
Tip #3 – Know Your Why.  What is your motivation?  Practice the “5 Why’s” exercise that I explain in the podcast, and get to the root cause of your true motivation.  This helps you understand that your goals are not just about you – there’s something deeper that we all want to achieve, and keeping that in the forefront of your mind helps you to push on those days where you would rather give up.
Tip #4 – Stay Hydrated.  Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and it’s important that we keep our bodies and our cells hydrated so we can operate at our peak performance.  My trick is to fill up 3-4 insulated water bottles each night before I go to bed, and drink them all the next day!
Tip #5 – Don’t be on a Diet… HAVE a diet.  You already know by this point that I am anti-diet, and for good reason!  They only end up hurting us in the end.  So instead, I want you to have a way of eating that works for you, your lifestyle, your goals, your preferences, and your values.
Tip #6 – Make Your Own Decisions.  You’re an adult.  You don’t need to rely on other people to make your decisions for you when it comes to your diet and your food.  Deep down, you know what’s right for you.  Just because something is super popular in the media right now doesn’t mean that it’s right for you, and it certainly isn’t the only option you have.  Trust yourself.  For more on this, check out my last blog post here.
Tip #7 – Baby Steps.  Don’t change everything about your diet overnight.  Focus on one thing at a time and really master it, and then add on from there.  Small changes over time lead to big results.
Tip #8 – Proper Nutrition & Supplementation.  This is probably the thing I get asked about more than anything else.  I don’t want you to think in terms of restriction or “bad foods.”  There are no bad foods, but there are certain foods that can be troublesome for a lot of people.  The top irritants that can lead to chronic inflammation and disease are sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts.  That doesn’t mean that you should never eat them.  Learn about your body and decide which ones bother you.  Fill your diet with foods that are nourishing and you won’t have any room for the ones that aren’t.  When it comes to supplementation, I recommend to get your labs done to understand what supplements you need and what you don’t.  However, in today’s agriculture, I always recommend taking a good probiotic (I use this one), Fish oil (I use this one), and a Vitamin B Complex (like this one).
Tip #9 – Get a Healthy Dose of Movement Each Day.  Find something that you love doing and stick to it.  Make sure you balance intense exercise with more rejuvenating things.  If you do intense workouts, don’t do them every day.  Find a balance.  The most important thing is to keep your body moving in any way that feels right for YOU!
Tip #10 – Follow the 80/20 Rule.  80 percent of the time, stick to your healthy eating and exercise plan.  Journal, meditate, do all the things that you know are going to keep you strong and healthy.  Then 20 percent of the time, relax.  Let go.  Live and enjoy your life!  Allow for this flexibility to be built into your lifestyle, otherwise you’ll go crazy and end up falling off track permanently.
So, out of these top 10 tips, which one are you going to try?  Send me a message on Instagram (@jamieshelly), or on Snapchat (jamieshelly) and tell me which one you like the best!  If you’re already doing all of these, I want to know about it!
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001 – It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Journey

I am so passionate about helping you regain the confidence that you may be missing when it comes to your body image and weight management.
Own Your Journey Podcast Art-minWe have been conditioned and programmed through social media and marketing to actually hate our bodies, and feel as though we aren’t good enough.  It’s become such an epidemic that we forget that we have control over how we feel about ourselves, and it’s time to take that back.
We aren’t supposed to feel miserable and sad all the time about our bodies and our appearances.  We aren’t supposed to sit around all day and scroll social media and compare ourselves to photo-shopped models and “fitspo.”
You need to know that you are perfect in every way exactly as you are right now.  It’s time for you to remember who you really are, and know that you already have everything you need in order to succeed and to reach your goals.
I’m here to end the madness and to help you shift your mindset from a fear-based perspective to a love-based perspective.  Instead of being stressed out and scrambling to try and lose weight by a certain weight because we feel like we have to, start with embracing yourself and loving yourself.
Once you focus on loving yourself and your body, you will start doing more things to take care of it; like working out because it’s good for you – not because you have to, and eating better because it makes you better.
I’ll be going into a lot of topics around fitness, nutrition, body image, healthy living, and everything that we go through as women trying to be the best we can be!  I’ll tell you all of my story so that you know that you aren’t alone and that you can have your victory, too!
In this first episode of Own Your Journey, I talk a bit about who I am, why this podcast exists, and what I hope to get out of this.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I know that it will be one amazing journey (pun intended)!
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**Note** Since the recording of this podcast, my website has changed to jamieshelly.com.

003 – A Little Bit About Me… Can You Relate?

Own Your Journey Podcast Art-minIn this third episode of Own Your Journey, I get a little bit personal.  I dive deep into how I got to where I am in my own journey so that you know where I’m coming from with all this stuff.
If you have been following me for a while, you know my fitness and health journey has been a long one, and it’s far from over.  I go all the way back to the beginning of it all, when I set to lose weight after graduating from Penn State in 2010.
At some point along the way, something switched in my head, that told me I was never small enough or thin enough.  I was always seeking external validation in various forms, and suddenly, before I knew it, I was addicted to watching the scale go down.  I was addicted to losing weight.
I talk about my journey through not knowing I was anorexic, to my wakeup call when I realized that I actually did have a problem, and all of the battles I endured when it came to the relationship with my body and with food as a result.
Everything that I did was related to my physical image in some way.  I was always trying to prove something, and I’m still not even sure what that was.  From competing in bikini competitions, to getting breast implants (since removed), my body was just never good enough for me.
There is way more to my story than what’s talked about in this podcast, and I promise you that we will eventually talk about ALL of it.  Many of my beliefs were validated and ingrained into my behavior by people and experiences.  There’s a lot to that, and I promise we’ll get there!
This episode is a high-level overview of my experience with my own body image and self-love journey.  My lowest point is revealed, and how this podcast came to be will be apparent after you listen to this episode!
If you can relate to any of my story, I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below and tell me what your biggest struggle is right now when it comes to your body image or health.  I’d love to help you!  Please share this episode with anyone who might benefit from it.
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