016 – You Are Meant for More – Recording from NYC

This episode of Own Your Journey was originally recorded on my Snapchat at 1 o’clock in the morning early Saturday morning (or late Friday night, depending on how you look at it).  First off, I want to sincerely apologize for the long-winded stories and videos that may have overtaken your feeds.  A few glitches happened through the wonders of Social Media (we all know how I feel about that…), and I am so sorry if you couldn’t escape the massive amounts of videos of me!

There are moments that I have these experiences of pure clarity, and God puts things on my heart that need to be said in that moment, or else I’ll forget them.  I either have to write them down, record them, or, in this case, Snap them.  This episode is the recording of the video that I took that night, which can be found on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jamieshellyofficial.

Last weekend, my family and I were visiting New York City for an adventurous family trip to see a show and spend time with family.  But on the way into the city from the airport, our driver had a seizure in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel.  As I arrived back in my hotel room later that night, I had one of those moments of clarity that I knew I had to get the message out right away.  I have a close relationship with my Snap-fam, and I felt like that was a good place to hold my thoughts until I had access to compile them all into a different format.

If you were to ask me to repeat what I said that night, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  Many of those thoughts come from something (or someone) much greater than myself.  I can’t explain it, it’s just the way God uses me to speak to people who need to hear certain messages.  I hope you listen to this message and take this as a sign to make a change so that you can live the life you deserve.

Remember that you are here for a reason, and every single experience that you have on this earth is to prepare you for what is to come, so that you can live your best life.  But the only way that will happen is if you start paying attention to those little signs and following your heart.

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007 – It’s Going to Take Work

 In this episode of the podcast, I go deep into the inner workings of the journey to self-love.  It takes serious work, and you aren’t going to get where you’re going over night.

There are a lot of things that go into it – it takes time, discipline, commitment, energy, and let’s face it – WORK.  But don’t get discouraged just because it can get hard sometimes.  All good things take time and energy.

This is a journey to having a relationship with yourself – to loving yourself unconditionally.  It’s about learning about yourself and starting over.  If you really want to heal your relationship with food and your body, it will undoubtedly take some work.

But you need to know that you are WORTH the effort and the hard work.  You have to know without a shadow of a doubt that you can get through this, because on the other side is freedom.  Freedom from food, freedom from the scale, freedom from the fight with your body.

I’m still going through this myself.  I have hard days and then I have really hard days.  But the difference now is that I know that my old behaviors are not going to get me to where I want to go.  They aren’t in alignment with who I want to be, so I don’t engage in them.

You cannot go through this alone.  You have to believe in something bigger than yourself.  Ask God for help, and if you aren’t religious, ask the Universe and use the Law of Attraction.  But I promise you that you cannot do this by yourself.  I tried – and I failed until I could not try anymore.

To heal and recover, we have to get real with ourselves and look at parts of ourselves that we don’t love.  That can be painful, but it’s also necessary.  That’s why you need the support of others, and God (or the Universe) to help you through.

Change does not happen overnight.  You have to stay committed and ask for help when you need it.  The bottom line is that you do not have to struggle anymore.

I created my program, Body Redeemed, to help support you in your journey.  I help you break old habits and guide you to a place of self-love and acceptance; which ultimately helps heal your relationship with your body and with food.  Lose weight (or gain weight if you need it) without dieting.  I created a free e-book download for you, and you can sign up for a free discovery call with me if you are interested in learning more about the program.

You don’t have to struggle anymore, as long as you’re willing to do the work!

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006 – Confidence is a Muscle

This episode is all about your confidence, and how to start increasing your confidence starting right now!  We’ve all been somewhere and seen a person enter the room and completely own it.  This person exudes confidence – they’re funny, smart, captivating, mysterious, and sociable.  They own their presence, and everyone is attracted to this person.  Well what if I told you that person could be you??

In this episode, I teach you six ways that will help you start building your confidence right away.  Confidence is a muscle – the more you use it; the more you practice it; the stronger it gets!  But on the other hand, if you don’t use it, you lose it!  I want you to fully own your journey, and that means owning all of you!  So use my top six tips on how to start building your confidence as soon as you finish listening to this podcast.

#1. Stop speaking negatively about yourself to fit in.  Instead, change the conversation to a more positive, uplifting topic.  Compliment someone for something they do well; or talk about something that you’ve recently started working on to improve.

#2. Know who you are!  Know your strengths.  Ask yourself what you’re really good at, and write it down.

#3. What do you really like about yourself physically?  What do you really like about your personality?  Write all the things you like about yourself down on the same piece of paper as #2.

#4. Do something that gets you outside of your comfort zone and builds your confidence.  The more you prove to yourself that you can do new things, and do them well, your confidence increases!

#5. Show interest and engage in other peoples’ lives.  Ask questions!  Be curious.

#6.  Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and rid yourself of the people that drag you down.  If you can’t eliminate them from your life, create boundaries with them.  Tell them what you’re comfortable with discussing, and what you’re not comfortable with!

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004 – Transform Your Mindset to Love-Based

In this week’s episode, I discuss the way our thinking has been holding us back from achieving our goals and living our best life.  I explain what fear-based thinking is, and how it continues to fail us in areas like our careers, relationships, and weight loss.  We’ve been programmed in our culture to think that we have to condemn ourselves and curse ourselves to get what we want out of life, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Fear-based thinking holds us back.  It’s a low-vibration, and we get out of life what we put into it.  So we need to switch our thinking.  We need to start thinking from a love-based perspective so that we can truly get the most out of our lives!  When we make that switch to a love-based perspective, we can think clearly.  We do things that make sense for ourselves and for our bodies because it’s what we need most.

Whatever goal you have for yourself, know that you can use this mindset shift to bring God and the Universe into your life and work WITH you.  Love-based thinking is how we transform our bodies and our lives.  Love-based thinking helps us to give ourselves grace; to treat ourselves, our friends, and everyone around us with love, respect, and honesty.

When you shift your vibration to that of love (the highest vibration of energy possible), then you attract MORE of that into your life.  Remember, what you put out, you get back.  You will notice more people coming into your life that can help you achieve your goals.  You will experience more opportunities to learn and grow.  You might even find a new job or get a new offer that is more aligned with your purpose, passion, and values.

All of these things start to change for the better to support you in your goals, including weight loss and body image.  You have to start thinking from a love-based perspective if you truly want to transform.

Try it, and let me know if you notice anything pop up in your life!  Leave me a comment below, and don’t forget to share this episode with a friend!  The Thank You Giveaway is also still live, so make sure you subscribe and leave a review to receive a personalized gift from me.  If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, let me know below 🙂

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001 – It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Journey

I am so passionate about helping you regain the confidence that you may be missing when it comes to your body image and weight management.
Own Your Journey Podcast Art-minWe have been conditioned and programmed through social media and marketing to actually hate our bodies, and feel as though we aren’t good enough.  It’s become such an epidemic that we forget that we have control over how we feel about ourselves, and it’s time to take that back.
We aren’t supposed to feel miserable and sad all the time about our bodies and our appearances.  We aren’t supposed to sit around all day and scroll social media and compare ourselves to photo-shopped models and “fitspo.”
You need to know that you are perfect in every way exactly as you are right now.  It’s time for you to remember who you really are, and know that you already have everything you need in order to succeed and to reach your goals.
I’m here to end the madness and to help you shift your mindset from a fear-based perspective to a love-based perspective.  Instead of being stressed out and scrambling to try and lose weight by a certain weight because we feel like we have to, start with embracing yourself and loving yourself.
Once you focus on loving yourself and your body, you will start doing more things to take care of it; like working out because it’s good for you – not because you have to, and eating better because it makes you better.
I’ll be going into a lot of topics around fitness, nutrition, body image, healthy living, and everything that we go through as women trying to be the best we can be!  I’ll tell you all of my story so that you know that you aren’t alone and that you can have your victory, too!
In this first episode of Own Your Journey, I talk a bit about who I am, why this podcast exists, and what I hope to get out of this.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I know that it will be one amazing journey (pun intended)!
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**Note** Since the recording of this podcast, my website has changed to jamieshelly.com.